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Entry #2

Mouse Avoider Deluxe

2008-02-07 09:42:44 by shmasmasnash

I've started work on a mouse avoider game to end all mouse avoider games. It will have ~100 levels, and (in my opinion of course) it's a lot more fun than other mouse avoiders. Of course, I may be biased, having made it. As of writing this, I'm done with about 30 levels of it. I'll keep this page updated on my progress!

EDIT: As of February 16th, I'm now done with about 45 levels!


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2008-02-07 10:51:01

100 levels?! Woah, lots of work that is, heh, looking forward to it!

shmasmasnash responds:

Thanks! It's a lot of work, but of course, I do it for the people.... and the money.


2009-02-20 22:48:30

Wow, that's a lot of levels. One thing I'd be concerned about is the quality, not the quantity. It's good to hear that it's funner than the rest of the mouse avoider games, just make sure there are certain qualities about it that separate it from the rest of the mouse avoider games, such as some unique gameplay mechanics. Well, have fun making your game! I'll be looking forward to the end result :)